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            Australia Post Domestic Parcel Post (Standard)

            unreliable. incompetent.


            a parcel with tracking number from melbourne coming to laverton in victoria only 30 minutes away ends up in perth circulating around australia before it comes back in melbourne and call it human error it took 14 days to get to me.


            RajifWestern District, VIC


            Amazing across the world, just not here


            Pretty simple, international transport makes it pretty quick to Australian shores. Customs clearance is quick ‘as long as your parcel is not dodgy’ then your down to what I can only think is localised laziness, you will experience messages on tracking like, on hold, left facility, exception and absolutely nothing happens for days updates are slow, ambiguous and sometimes wrong. If you are able to deal with your supplier tell them let vDHL get to Australia then let someone else handle it from there, even auspost are quicker and more helpful. There’s obviously something not right about the local brand - and reading the threads they’ll be out of business if they don’t lift the game.


            ShanePerth, WA

            Solar Secure

            Excellent Deal


            Initially I have signed a contract with another company but Victor convinced me to sign in with Solar Secure for6.6kw system.The whole process was done professionally smoothly and quickly. Victor dealt professionally.I dont hesitate to recommend Solar Secure for anyone looking to install a new solar system.




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